Tech Crampons

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Rad Ft and Classic crampons

Both come with 1/4″ and 1/2″ posts to maximize engagement

Why B & D crampons?
We provide a crampon solution that provides top level performance with tight sizing and posts that lets you get maximum bite, along with a strong interface. See Below For Details

Rad FT. Model

Rad FT.

Designed for the Dynafit Radical ST and FT. but can be used on most any AT binding.

Accommodates the plastic material behind the crampon slot. Almost as strong as the classic. 110 mm and larger comes with larger post to spread the load on the crampon out farther.

Your binding and ski waist.

Sizing crampons are 2-4 mm larger on the inside than stated width. Do not use crampon more than 10mm over ski waist size.

No longer produced

The comfort was produced around 2010-2015 to accommodate a new version of the comfort binding and the new vertical. It proved much weaker than the classic and was discontinued advising owners to cut the rib off instead.

Classic Model

Classic model is  our strongest model. Best used whenever you can. On bindings that do not have large extensions behind the crampon slot.


73 mm–$ 53.95  200gms 

83mm –$ 53.95  265gms

90mm — $ 58.95 278gms   

95mm — $ 61.95  287gms

102mm –$ 64.95  297gms 

110mm  –$ 69.95  312gms

115mm — $ 74.95  312gms 

120mm — $ 80.95  320gms

125mm — $ 84.95  320gms 

135mm — $ 85.95  340gms    

All crampons come 2-4 mm wider on the inside than the stated width so they will function on a ski of that stated waist width and smaller. Note: Crampon should not be more than 10mm wider than the waist width of a ski. This prevents damage to the crampon and the best performance in preventing side slip by the crampon.

Actual weights may be slightly higher or lower based on choice of posts.
Your binding and ski waist.

Crampon Locks

Providing an on the fly static mode crampon locks can provide maximum grip when needed. Only compatible with B & D crampons as most other crampons have a taper on the back.

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Modifications For Crampons

Some of the newer bindings like ATK ( and rebrands) have a wider crampon mount 1.5″ (38 mm) instead of the traditional 1.4″ (35.5mm). Maybe check your crampon mount. We will do a modification to accommodate this.

Bindings we know are 1.5″

Atomic Backland


Helio 350