Dynafit / Tech Custom Accessories

New Superlite 2.0 Parts Below

B & D has created a number of products to enhance the effectiveness and usability of Dynafit , Tech bindings,  boots.

Top plates and cones. Heel adjustment plates. Heel lifter nubbins to increase height. Cuff pivot parts to replace worn out pivots. Anti rotation devices .We are continually developing new ideas.

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Custom Dynafit and Tech Products

Nubbins For Radicals

Increases the heel lifter height on radical heel lifters 1/2″ -(12.5 mm)

Radical Nubbins $28.50

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Nubbins $28.50/ set of 2

Dynafit Speed Plates

Speed plates allow you to lighten up a binding eliminating the tall lift. Generally used for racing or fitness skinning. Made from aluminum come in Black.

Speed Plates $25.95/ set of 2


Speed Plates $27.95/ set of 2

Comfort Top Plates

Comfort top plates to replace broken vertical ST/ FT risers and to add to speed bindings . Made of aluminum. Come in Black

Comfort plate and cone (sold separately)on a speed binding. Great setup.


Comfort Plates $32.95/ set of 2


Comfort Style Hell Riser Cones/Volcanoes

Come in 3 heights.

Standard is the same as original cone, Tall 1/4″ taller, short , 1/4″ shorter

Adding a comfort plate and cone to a speed binding makes for a great setup. allowing you to rotate the heel with a pole  like the comfort and vertical bindings, but lighter weight.

Cones are only sold in pairs


Standard-$30.95/ set of 2

Tall-$31.95/ set of 2

Short-$31.95/ set of 2

Oazo nubbins


Oazo nubbins for Plum Oazo bindings increasing the height of tall lifter 1/2″


Oazo nubbins & 49.95/ set of 2

Ultimate Cuff Pivot Kit

The ultimate cuff pivot provides a replacement for worn out cuff pivots on Dynafit boots. Comes in standard (20gms ea.) and ultralite (10gms ea.) Spanner extra.

The standard uses stainless steel and Delrin parts.The ultralite replaces the Tee, washer and screw with a 7075-t6 aluminum tee and combination washer/ screw. Ultralite below.


Ultimate Cuff Pivot Set of 4



Vulcan- $105.00

Spanner-$10.00 USD

Ultimate Cuff Pivot Set

Superlite Heel Lifter

The superlite heel nubbins raises the heel tall height 1/2″ (12.5mm). Holes on sides to help rotate the heel. 10 gms

$49.95/ set of 2

Superlite adjustable base

Superlite adjustable base allows you to shift a superlite heel for different boots.  Standard version gives you 9.6mm of adjustment. Long 20.3 mm of adjustment. standard has same hole pattern as dynafit speed heels and others. long is 1/2″ longer. Note increases heel height 3/16″ or 4.7 mm.


Superlte adjustable base standard-$84.95

long- $89.95

Superlite antitwist

Superlite antitwist provides resistance to the heel to keep it from rotating when you do not want it to.


Antitwist $24.95/ set of 2