Lash Mounting Directions

Mounting varies greatly.

We are showing here the attachment to a dynafit binding.

Step 1

Create the Attachment Point

Dynafit Radical with wire loop users should skip to step 2.

1. Cut a short segment of the attachment cord. Typically about 2-3 inches is sufficient.
Tip: Melting the ends of the cord with prevent fraying.
2. Cut a smaller segment of the vinyl tubing. Typically about 2 inches is sufficient.
3. Thread the attachment cord through the vinyl tubing leaving both ends of the attachemt cord exposed.
4. Thread the attachment cord with vinyl tubing through your preferred binding attachment point.
5. Tie the attachment cord in a loop. Recommended knots are the double  fishermans or a square knot.
Tip: Placing some glue on the knot will prevent the knot from working loose.

This is how it should look with a double fisherman’s knot tied.

Using a small screwdriver hold the breakable link open as you press it onto the attachment point. It may not be necessary to use a screwdriver as we have made the fuses easier to open.

Attach the Leash

1. Rotate the breakable link around so the attachment point is on the other side of the fuse link.
2. Remove the key ring from the leash and slip on the long rubber sleeve.
Tip: It is easier to slide the rubber sleeve over the end of the leash if you wet the inside of the rubber sleeve.

Complete by sliding sleeve over fuse- see below