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Ski mountaineering is an exceptionally hazardous activity which often results in severe injuries and death. Any person purchasing, or using our equipment, assumes the responsibility for seeking proper training in its use. They also assume all risk for injury, or damage, sustained while using any of our equipment. Our equipment is not to be used for any other purpose other than which it is intended. Failure to follow these warnings increase the risk of injury or death. B & D Precision is not, and shall not, be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or other types of damages arising out of, or resulting from, the use of our products.

Always test your gear before heading to the backcountry!

Toe Shims

Our toe shims allow you to reduce the delta angle between your toe and heel piece. While these shims were made with Dynafit bindings in mind, they will work with most Tech bindings. We have three different thicknesses of toe shims. The 1/8"(3.2mm) and 3/16"(4.7mm) shims are laser cut. The 1/4"(6.4mm) shims are either Laser or machine cut. For each thickness there are different versions. Radical FT/ST version is specific to Dynafit Radical FT and ST (non pivot toe) model bindings. The classic version is compatible with a wide range of tech bindings. Look at the charts below to get an idea of the variations in delta angle between different bindings. Dynafit ST & FT 2.0 (2015), Marker Kingpin, G3 ION specific versions now available below.

Note: All measurements are for comparison purposes only. Height is measured from the pins, not from the boot sole.

Brand Model Toe Height Heel Height Difference Diff from TLT
Dynafit TLT 28.00 40.20 12.2 X
Plum Guide 30.64 48.5 17.86 5.66
Dynafit Radical FT/ST 35.34 50.5 15.16 2.96
Dynafit Comfort 34.18 50 15.82 3.62
Dynafit Speed Rad 28.5 42.8 14.3 2.10
Diamir Vipec 41 51 10 -2.20
Dynafit Beast 39 47 8 -4.20

Brand Model Toe Height Heel Height Difference Diff from TLT
Dynafit Old Race Heel (Gray) 28.00 38.20 10.2 -2.0
Dynafit New Race Heel (Yellow) 28.00 44.20 16.2 4.0

Radical FT/ST Version

Laser cut Radical FT/ST shim
Machined Radical FT/ST shim

The picture on the left is a laser cut shim. The picture on the right is a machined 1/4" shim. These mount with a 4 hole pattern. Shims are sold as a set of two.

Note: FT/ ST not compatible with Speed Radical. It uses classic shim.

RAD ST 2.0 versions (pivot toe)

3.2mm- $28.95, 4.7mm- $31.95, 6.4 mm- $35.95

RAD FT 2.0 versions (pivot toe)

3.2mm-$32.95, 4.7mm- $35.95, 6.4mm-$39.95.

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Marker Kingpin Shims

3.2 mm- $27.95, 4.7 mm-$30.95, 6.4mm-$36.95

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3.2 mm- $27.95, 4.7 mm-$30.95, 6.4mm-$36.95

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Our shims do not come with screws.

The 19mm screws are for use with Dynafit Radical Speed, Race versions, and Plum bindings. These screws when used with Dynafit Radical FT/ST bindings and 1/8" shims give about 5mm of bite into the ski which may be suficient.

The 28mm screws are for use with Dynafit Radical FT/ST, and Comfort/Vertical bindings.

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Classic Version

Laser Cut Toe Shims for Dynafit
Toe Shims for Dynafit

The picture on the left is a laser cut shim. The picture on the right is a machined 1/4" shim. Note: These can be mounted with 4 or 5 hole Dynafit patterns. Sold as set of 2.

Note: Classic Compatible with most all tech bindings (including the Speed Radical, Speed Turn) excluding Radical FT/ST

Shim Tip Extensions
Laser Cut Tail Extension

The picture on the left shows tip extensions. The top picture is for the machined shim. The bottom picture is for the laser cut shims. The picture on the right is a tail extension. Shims and extensions are sold as a set of two.Used on Comfort, vertical ST and Vertical FT.


The extensions are designed to support the plastic tabs present in the bindings below:

  • Dynafit Comfort 07 and later
  • Dynafit Vertical FT
  • Dynafit Vertical ST

Due to variances in boot sole length we do not offer an extension to support the plastic strip connecting the toe and heel units in Dynafit Vertical bindings.

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